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Seeking Good Samaritan

Just this afternoon in Baytown, a financially strapped woman was helped by a nameless stranger, and tonight she is asking for your help identifying him so she can thank him for his generous gesture.

Ms. Rogers was checking out at Food Town tonight around 6:30, when her unidentified helper must have noticed her checking out. 

“I was buying the cheapest food I could find; he was in front of me at the checkout. On my way out, in the parking lot, he came up to me and said that he was sorry, he was supposed to pay for my groceries, not to ask why and to please accept this; he handed me money with the denomination turned down. I was stunned and all I could do was say thank you and start crying. Then, he was gone. I got to my car and just started sobbing and thinking that as soon as I am able, I will pay this forward. 
I wish that I had said more to him.”

 Ms. Rogers would like for him to know that the impact he made tonight means more to her than he could have possibly known.

Sometimes the smallest gestures can have the biggest impacts on someone who is down on their luck.

Sometimes people are just where they are supposed to be at just the right time

We are glad today it was you, and that you decided to act.  If you ever read this and you ever want to reach out to the woman you helped today, you can reach out to us, or follow this link to her post where you can private message her directly.

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