We ALL Nosey In Baytown got start started in 2015.  At first we were just a simple facebook group, making waves online and in our community.  But after a while we started coming together in bigger and bigger ways, eventually businesses and even local city agencies were getting involved!   It got to the point where businesses were wanting to help but couldn’t, because we were just a loose organization of like minded individuals.  So we became THE FIRST facebook group in history to become a legal entity!  Now we are a 501(c)(3) and we have done some amazing things around Baytown.

After Hurricane Harvey, we reorganized and formed a working relationship with the City of Houston to help the citizens of Baytown rebuild.  Many were told they didn’t need flood insurance, and when the storm hit they found themselves with few options.  That’s where we stepped in.  Just a few weeks after  the hurricane, we organized building material give aways where all kinds of building materials were given away.  We gave away over 30,000 dollars of materials in just a few weeks, and we have continued to give away materials.  In 2017 we gave away over 100 doors, and in 2018 we have also given away over 100 doors.  Front doors, back doors, side doors, bedroom doors.  If you need a door, just message us and we will get you on our monthly register of names of people coming out to get some stuff for their homes.